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Freda Du Faur

A pioneering mountaineer of extraordinary determination and courage, broke gender barriers in the male-dominated field of mountaineering during the early 20th century. Born on November 9, 1882 in Sydney, New South Wales, Du Faur’s passion for the mountains was ignited from a young age. She demonstrated an adventurous spirit that would ultimately lead her to conquer some of the world’s highest peaks.

Gender equality in your workplace
The purpose of the Gender Equality Policy  is to set out principles and strategies for the ongoing improvement in
gender equity across the industry.

breakfast series 2024

Join us for an inspiring morning of insights and empowerment at the Women in Print Australia Breakfast Series featuring Christina Bruce, Director of Sellabilities®. This event promises to be a unique opportunity for networking, learning, and gaining valuable perspectives from a seasoned professional in sales and marketing.

Christina’s keynote activity is titled: Don’t just think outside of the box, build a better B❒X.

In the session, we take the phrase “think outside of the box” literally, to challenge the status quo and quickly deliver breakthrough change. Attendees will begin to customise a specially designed B❒X as a representation of the invisible thinking box that restricts their thinking, innovation and creativity.

The session will be a unique, fun and powerfully emotional way to understand how limiting our invisible thinking box can be.

women in print allies - 2024

Rita Karagiannis

Account Director,
IVE Group Data-Driven Communications

Rita is an Account Director at IVE Group in the Data-Driven Communications business. With twenty years’ experience in mail and data communications Rita has built an expansive career across operations and productions into strategic sales and client service roles. With a Bachelor of Business in Information Systems, Rita offers her team and clients operational and technical expertise into her account management and customer solutions approach. IVE Group is well recognised for building strong female leadership programs and Rita has embraced this enthusiastically with recent graduation of a Leader Factor 4 – Stages of Psychological Leadership program. Rita is a passionate, intelligent and deliverable-centric individual who currently holds the Women in Print – Victorian Patron role.